Why KeyTutor Company

KeyTutorCompany, founded in 2001, provides test preparation and academic tutoring to individuals and small groups. We ready students to take admissions tests for secondary school, college, and graduate school.

Our many years of success are based on our thorough understanding of test structures, problem types, and content, along with our knowledge of creative and effective teaching techniques. We carefully consider each student’s personality type and learning style, and we love helping each one perfect his or her own skill set.

At KeyTutor, we seek to use the best resources, textbooks, and techniques available, no matter who creates them. The materials we use today are not the same as the ones we used five years ago, and may not be the same as the ones we will use five years from now. We are constantly searching for ways to improve what we do, so we can best help students get to where they want to go.

We understand that not everyone has a successful academic track record. While we are thrilled when our students achieve high scores, we also remain committed to those students who do not. Our goal is to help each student reach his own personal best, through patience, encouragement, and persistence. We help take the mystique and stress out of standardized tests by reducing each test to a set of familiar, already-practiced problems and by increasing each student’s confidence in his or her ability to achieve success.

Most importantly, we treat our students with the highest respect. Learning is a cooperative and active endeavor that requires 100% from both the teacher and the student. We expect our students to work hard, but we also expect our tutors to train and learn right alongside our students.

If you have any further questions about KeyTutor or would like to get started, please call us at 844-TUTOR21.